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Willie Nelson and the Emerging Willies Remedy

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Willie Nelson and the Emerging Willies Remedy

One of the most recognized American artists and musicians, Willie Nelson, also made a name for himself in the CBD market when he launched his brand, Willies Remedy, and contributed a lot to the CBD industry. He has been an activist his whole life and invested many hours fighting for all the right reasons.

Willie Nelson is one of the greatest jazz singers of all time, and songs from the ’90s went viral, and his talent was praised throughout the world. “On the road again” by Willie Nelson was a hit and one of his career’s biggest highlights. 

In 2019, Willie Nelson decided to open up his own hemp-derived CBD business with his wife that was focused on THC-free products. They named their brand ‘Willies Remedy’ because it was catchy and attracted people from all over the place. The brand started with hemp-derived coffee beans, which did pretty well in the market, and the product itself was indeed one of the best quality available in the market. According to Willie, the reason behind his CBD product’s success was that it was purely made from hemp, and no other artificial or other derivatives were used in the manufacturing process. 

After the success of CBD-infused coffee beans, Willie Nelson introduced hemp-derived tincture in the CBD market, which got his brand even more recognition. The hemp-oil tincture on the offer is made with Colorado-grown flowers and infused with full-spectrum extract and organic coconut oil forming a perfectly balanced tincture.

Like Montel Williams, Willie Nelson also believes in Cannabis’s medical benefits of Cannabis and thinks that everyone should try these cannabis derivatives to bring stability in their lives and get rid of stress and anxiety. Willie’s wife, Annie Nelson, also played a vital role in making Willie’s Remedy a success. Currently, Willie’s Remedy is offering a limited amount of CBD-infused products, and all of them are doing pretty well. Furthermore, Willie’s Remedy will be launching a new line of hemp-derived and THC products in the next couple of years. 

Willie’s Remedy CBD Coffee beans are the best selling product on their website. It features 250mg of hemp oil in an 8oz bag. You can choose from three different blends (Dark Blend Ground, Dark Blend Whole bean, and Decaf) for just $22.50 + shipping, which is an excellent price for such a high-quality product. CBD-infused coffee isn’t the only thing that you can find at Willie’s Remedy, full-spectrum hemp oil tincture, and a wide variety of tea and beverages are also turning some heads. 

In a recent interview, Willie Nelson said that he would be launching a new line of THC products just for its medical benefits. The pandemic has undoubtedly slowed things for everyone, but we might be hearing about Willie’s new products very soon. Willie’s Remedy is doing pretty well for the time benign, and with new products launching soon, we can only expect good things from Willie’s Remedy. 

That’s all, folks! 

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