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Montel Williams and His Influence on CBD Industry

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Montel Williams and His Influence on CBD Industry

Anyone who is remotely related to the CBD industry has heard of Montel Williams and his contribution to the CBD community. But for those who are not familiar with him, Montel Williams is one of the most famous TV show hosts in the US. He also served in the navy and was a decorated officer. Montel Williams started hosting his own talk show in 1991 which ran till 2008.

Montel Williams also played some side roles in many movies and TV shows and also made appearances on many big stages. However, achieving all these feats weren’t easy for Montel Williams after he was diagnosed with MS (Multiple sclerosis) in the late ’90s and suffered from many neurological issues. Living with MS is quite difficult but Montel Williams has been fighting with it for more than 21 years and often, he shares his struggle against this terrible disease. 

After he was diagnosed with MS in his 40s, Montel was prescribed with different types of opioids to ease his symptoms but the opioids made it even worse and he was getting addicted to them. Anyone who has suffered from opioids addiction will know how hard the withdrawal can be for a person. After investigating, Montel Williams tried hemp-derived CBD to manage the symptoms and CBD worked like a miracle for him. He used CBD throughout the day to keep him up and running and he said that the struggle against MS was getting unbearable but CBD made things very easier for him. 

Montel Williams is one of the biggest advocates for Cannabis-derived products since the early days and his contribution to the CBD industry will go down in the history books. After being fed up from low-quality hemp-derived CBD products, Montel Williams decided to open up his own CBD business where he would sell premium quality CBD products that helped him through the difficult times in his life.  Montel was a familiar face to the people and they believed in him and after becoming a motivational speaker, many people suffering from MS turned to CBD for treatment. Montel had to face many obstacles on his journey. His name was misused in the community and Montel had to file a suit against those responsible but the case was settled within a few weeks.

Instead of offering CBD edibles or tincture, Montel William stuck to CBD capsules because they were very beneficial for his health. After nearly committing suicide twice from using abusing opioids, Montel found his sweet spot with these hemp-derived medicinal CBD capsules. 

CBD has many health benefits and we’ve already covered them here and If you also want to try the best hemp-derived CBD capsules that do not contain any amount of THC then head over to Montel Williams Official website and get your hands on the best CBD capsules in town for just 75$. Montel Williams is true a pro-cannabis and his contribution to the CBD industry will never be forgotten. 

That’s all folks! 

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