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How Cannabis and CBD Oil May Boost Your Eye Health


How Cannabis and CBD Oil May Boost Your Eye Health

There had been plenty of rumors about the use of marijuana as medicine to cure a handful of diseases. But decades of scientific studies, articles, and legislative changes have led the CBD oil and cannabis as a more readily recognized and accepted drug to cure countless kinds of diseases from glaucoma (a common eye problem) to Parkinson’s disease, and the list goes on.

Many of these illnesses stop people from working at their jobs 100% since some of these diseases weaken at least one of our senses needed for a person’s day-to-day job.

CBDology Oils are derived from cannabis that has an abundance of health benefits since they have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. But, one of the most prevalent usages of CBDology Oils is improving one’s eyesight. Many testimonies and claims circulate the internet about the effectivity of CBD oils and CBDology Oils in particular.

For some CBD users, it appears that regular use of this CBDology Oils could lead to improved night vision – though there is currently little definite research signifying if this is consistently true, or just for a few of people. Based on the study now accessible, it seems like CBDology Oils can positively affect vision. While the effects of smoking cannabis may lead to the customary presence of red eyes, there is still little indication that this leads to a decrease in vision, mainly when used in small amounts.

Eye Diseases that Cannabis and CBD Oil May Help Treat

Cannabis is a potent plant that can help treat numerous medical disorders, including different eye diseases. Some of these eye diseases include glaucoma and diabetic Retinopathy. Below is an itemization of how cannabis may help treat these three eye diseases.


Glaucoma is an eye disease that harms the optic nerve. Regrettably, glaucoma is the foremost cause of blindness worldwide. From the 1970s, researchers have been exploring the effect cannabis has on glaucoma. One test found that amongst sixteen human subjects, when cannabis was breathed in, intraocular pressure was reduced (IOP). It is important because intraocular stress contributes to both deterioration and pain related to glaucoma.

One geriatric patient who suffered from glaucoma decided to take CBD oil eye drops as treatment. It has been methodically proven that cannabis and cannabis products can reduce intraocular pressure for about 3-4 hours, thus postponing the onset of glaucoma.

The results were astonishing since, after taking medicine for just three days, the patient’s eyesight significantly improved. Before the medication, the patient could not open his eyes whenever exposed to bright light. But after taking CBD oil, not only that, he can see in bright light, but also he attested that his eyesight enhanced significantly.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy is quite unalike from other eye diseases. This disorder is a side effect of diabetes. When blood sugar rises, it causes glucose to go where it’s not wanted, and one usual area it goes to is the retina. As diabetes advances, the odds of vision loss rises. Studies show that some cannabis elements can work as a neuroprotectant, diminish toxicity in the retina, and defend diabetics’ eyes.

Luckily, a 2006 preclinical study exposed that Cannabidiol (CBD) could help guard diabetics’ eyes. Since CBD is a robust antioxidant, it’s thought that this cannabinoid can decrease some of the retina’s toxicity, which frequently contributes to degeneration.

Cannabis Slows Down the Effects of Macular Degeneration

Macular deterioration is the main cause of vision loss in the US, disturbing over 10 million people. The illness occurs when the small central portion of your retina, called the macula, wears down or irregular blood vessel growth happens under the retina. The macula part is accountable for helping us focus vision and helping us recognize faces, read, and much more. When it’s impaired, the image may become blurry and degenerate over time.

Several studies have pointed out that CBD and THC have substances that can slow or block macular degeneration sources. Research conducted in 2004 presented that cannabis could hinder vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) pathways. VEGF is a signaling protein that activates the growth of new blood vessels. It means cannabis can play a role in reducing or limiting abnormal blood vessel growth in the eye.

Which CBDology product should you use?

CBDology can be used in several ways. You can add CBDolology products to your breakfast and daily diet. Since the CBD market has surged up in recent years, hundreds of products filled with CBD have flooded the market. With so many products present in and out of the market, choosing the right CBD product has to turn out to be a bit difficult. Hundreds of vendors are selling CBD products these days, but CBDology products stand out because of their quality and effectiveness. CBDology Oil may help in the eye disorders, but proper care of the eyes and correct consumption of CBDology products are advised.

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